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The human being, the mind, the body and my urge to observe and understand… Photography allows me to take notes, make small nuances noticed and draw connections between the observed behavior and its assumed causes. Being interested in psychology, I am reflecting on feelings, people’s energy, their state of mind and their obsessions, digging deeper into their sub-consciousness.


I am fascinated in the body as a physical object and a barrier to the inner life, the mindful micro-cosmos each of us creates. I want to explore this intimate universe hidden inside us, trying to collect traces leading me there - the gestures, mimics, objects and symbols around us.


While wondering about the beauty of the ‘ordinary’, I am letting my photographs slip into dreamy strangeness, where something does not seem right, but we cannot define it. Perhaps the scene turns bizarre by the very act of mindful observation?


I tend not to define beforehand what I am going to photograph. Thoughtful observation plays a major role in my creative process, but also… my dreams and vivid images of my imagination that sometimes dictate what and how to photograph. Some images come to me at night and I cannot help but follow their orders.


My work grew from classical series of portraits to more elaborated psychological portraits of individuals, leaving more space for interpretation and doubt.


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