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Mouth Exerciser Face Muscle Trainer Flexible Facial Exercise Tool Chin Exercise Device Smile Trainin
Beauty Super Lip Plumper Pink Crystal Collagen Lip Mask Patches Moisture Essence Wrinkle Skin Care (
Silicone Vacuum Cup Set Suction Cups Massage Facial Massage Body Face Neck Massage Suction Cup Healt
Slim Lift Up Face Belt Cheek V Shape Face Chin Cheek Anti Wrinkle Sleeping Hammock Mask (4,27 EUR)
Double Eyelid Trainer Double Fold Eyelid Sticker Exercise Molding Artifact Glasses Training Eyelid L
Thin Face Tools Health Care Massage Full Face Lift Mask Slimming Facial Massage Bandage S/M/L/XL Lif
Lips Massage Slim Exerciser Silicone Anti Aging Face Slimming Anti Cellulite Wrinkle Removal Women L
Nose Up Lifting Shaping Shaper Orthotics Clip Nose Massager Straighten Slimming (58,95 EUR)
Silicone Face Mask Reusable Moisturising Lifting Firming Anti Wrinkle V Shape Face Firming Gel Sheet

Forever Young (2020)


Remain young, preserve your beauty… This is what we are being constantly reminded by the advertisements and the media, by our culture and the society. At the same time the chase after evanescent youth takes away our precious time and effort that could otherwise be used for simply enjoying life. This series is focusing on inexpensive gadgets offered on the Internet that are promising miraculous results and fixing non-existing problems - from undesired nose shapes to weak eyelid muscles. They have one more thing in common, they simply fail to provide what they are promising. 


The titles of the portraits are the original descriptions of the featured accessories provided on the selling websites. 

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